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The core of international asset structuring

ATU offers a comprehensive range of services, which can be combined and adapted to specific circumstances and customised for your requirements as a client. As an internationally active trust and advisory company, we know the specifics and regulations of the world’s key financial centres, always examining all the options with respect to location and legal systems.

Protecting and securing your assets over the long term is key to us. We provide you with clearly defined solutions to choose from, which can be implemented flawlessly in terms of financial and tax laws. All options offered to you by ATU are tailored to your situation, your objectives and your preferences.

Personal advice from a single source

When it comes to financial matters, whatever your question, you can turn to us. As your partner, we know your preferences, never lose sight of your objectives and are on hand to offer expert advice.

Where necessary, your advisor will also involve further specialists from within ATU or other collaboration partners, and will oversee their work. Whatever the area – asset man­agement and structuring, financial planning, tax advice and planning, or legal advice, accounting and audit­ing – your personal advisor will always choose the ideal specialists in line with your objectives, and will ensure that these assignments are always completed with exemplary skill and proficiency.

Since there is always a contact person available to coordinate all your objectives, you can rest assured that collaborations will be particularly uncomplicated and efficient. And we have been doing this for a long time – since 1929, to be precise.

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